July 24, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. I was reading my last blog I did and it brought up some old memories. I'm a bit conflicted on the modeling thing. I used to like to use new people. I remember, I worked with a European magazine going to South America. We used a girl and a guy from South America, and brought a model from New York. The model from New York was new but perfect for the job. Now, this model from New York basically hadn't left her street. Hadn't left her city, much less her country. We took a limo to the airport and then flew to South America where we caught a bus to our location. She totally freaked out. And then, we got to the house we were renting and I told her there was no phone or internet. She totally totally freaked out. She said, "Oh my God! How'm I gonna text my boyfriend?"

I always recommended that you follow your dreams. If one of those dreams is modeling, well, go for it. I've been trying to figure out how you can get an education and model at the same time. You see, modeling can open up some new doors for you. You have amazing experiences. You will meet amazing people. I guess you could do school online. You know, get your liberal arts out of the way, and then, when you graduate, you know, get your diploma, you could pursue what you want to do. This would take a lot of dedication. Hey, who would ever think I would be a guidance counselor. That reminds me of high school when I met my guidance counselor. He at one point said, "Hey Nice, come over here. I want to talk to you about your SAT scores." He said, "Come into my office." And he shut the door. He said, "Sit down." He said, "I got your scores for your SATs. They are around 800." I said, "Wow! For English or Math?" He said, "No, 800 combined." I said to myself, I'm officially one step above a monkey. He said, "With a score like this, you're going nowhere." He then said, "So your dad's an artist, right? Maybe you should think about the arts." That's where it all began. I think I did pretty good though.

Have a good week. Love, B. Nice

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