May 23, 2015

Hi you guys. This is the blog where I talk about the past. I used to think about the past when I was in the hospital. It passed the time.

A lot of places I went to, I would location scout as to where I wanted to shoot. Some places were evidently wrong for what I wanted to do, but I went along on the location scout out of curiosity. For example, I was on an island off the Australian coast. On this island was a prison where they kept the worst of the worst inmates. They kept a real bad bunch there. I went to the prison because I heard it was haunted and the place did have a weird vibe to it. It was kind of scary. I would never shoot there, but it was wild to check out. Another place was in Tunisia. I was location scouting and I was in the middle of the desert when I looked up and I saw a single big tree in the middle of the desert. It was like at a 45 degree angle. It was surreal. I told our driver to stop because I was curious as to why the tree was growing at a 45 degree angle. I opened the door and I found out why the tree was like this. The winds were like 60 miles an hour. It almost ripped the door out of my hand. There was a constant flow of sand. I felt like I was in a blast furnace.

Another time I was in the Canadian Rockies. I heard of an area where the bear would sit around and eat flowers. I asked our guide to take us up there to have a look. We found a few bear. They were huge. Just hanging out. We obviously stayed in the car.


But one of the scariest and most dangerous things I've ever done was I went out at night with my cousin. (Now I say this with sarcasm and loving affection. We are now fathers.) We went to a few bars in Santa Barbara. I survived. I'll attach a drawing. I used to keep my journals in cartoon form.

That's it for now. I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend. Love, B. Cuz

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