April 14, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about my past.

You know, I have a sordid past. I used to drink a lot. Now I don't drink at all. I'll explain why. 1.) because I'm not supposed to drink with the medication I'm taking and 2.) I choose not to drink for self preservation reasons. I'll explain what I mean.

One time I was at my house in Montauk, NY. I had had a few beers and some wine, and god knows what else. Anyway, I was on my deck and I looked through the trees and there was a disk of light in the sky. I thought, 'Oh my god, it's a UFO.' So I went and got my camera with a telephoto lens. Then I realized that there would be a lot of camera shake, so I got my tripod. I focused on the disk. It didn't move much, it was still in the same area so I slowly trained my lens onto the disk. I focused on it. It still didn't move. Then I realized, I was moving. And I also realized the disk through the trees in the  sky was in fact my neighbor's chimney.

Another reason why I don't drink is because, well, the drawing above. I had had a few drinks one night and walked right into the screen door. I did it many times. I finally, for economic reasons, I finally always checked to make sure there was no screen door there.

I'm gonna leave it at that because I'm a little embarrassed to tell more. I hope you have a good week. And watch out for those screen doors. They kind of hurt. Check out my other blog where I talk about the present.

Have a good week. Love, B. Nice