February 17, 2015


Hi everybody. I was gonna blog with you on the 14th, but there was so much snow, we had to cancel. I'll, therefore, tell you a story today. It'll be short.

OK, so check this out. I had a french girlfriend who was an actress living in Paris a while back. I lived in New York City. We were talking over the phone and we decided it would be romantic if I were to come over to Paris. Well, we decided to meet at our favorite cafe on February 14th, you know, Valentine's day. While I hopped on an overnight flight on February 13th, I arrived in France on the morning of February 14th. I proceeded to our favorite cafe. I sat down with a box of chocolates I brought for her and ordered a baguette of french bread, butter and coffee. She wasn't there so I ordered another french bread, butter and coffee. Some time went by. She didn't show up so I ordered another french bread, butter and coffee. Mind you, this is before cell phones. It got to be early lunch so I ordered a croque Monsieur and a beer. She still didn't show up, so I ordered another croque Monsieur and beer. She still wasn't there. My patience was running out so I asked the waiter if I could use the cafe telephone. There was no answer at her number so I sat down, ordered another croque monsieur and beer. I then tried calling her again. I woke her up. She sounded a little confused. She said, "What day is it? What time is it? Where are you?" After a brief argumentative moment in french I realized I'd gotten stood up and decided it would be best if I went back to New York. So I ate all of her chocolates, had another beer and caught the next flight back to New York. How's that for a Valentine's story. Hope you had a better one than that. Oh, and by the way, if you happen to be dating a french actress, good luck.

This is B. Nice signing off from Ice Station Zebra. Love, B. Nice

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