January 17, 2015

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Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the past. Remember. I've lain on my back for years and to get through all this I think about the past.

You know, I have two degrees: a BFA in photography and an associates degree in science, specializing in psychology (go figure). In my psychology class they once had a hypnotist come. Apparently anyone can be hypnotized. It's just a matter of trust and time. So imagine this, I'm sitting there and the professor brings up the hypnotist. He hypnotizes the entire audience. I felt myself going into a hypnotic state, but I refused. All of a sudden, the guy next to me who is a 275 pound football player goes up to the stage like a zombie. The hypnotist manages to convince this big guy to be a ballerina. The guy does his best imitation of a ballet dancer, a prima ballerina doing the nutcracker. The guy was amazing. You should have seen his leaps. Very impressive. It was very entertaining but what impressed me the most was the hypnotist brought a woman on stage that did age regression. The guy had her write her name on a chalk board at her current age, then 15 years old, then 10 years old, then 5 years old, and then he brought her to the stage of being an infant. He then said to her, "Now I'm going to bring you back to a previous life that you had." The woman stands up and the hypnotist says, "Now I want you to describe what's around you." And she describes what would be a market in ancient Egypt. The hypnotist now says, "I want you to go to a moment in this previous life that influences how you live today." The woman described herself walking down the street with her father. All of a sudden some chariots showed up coming around the corner. The chariots run over her dad and kill him instantly. The hypnotist says, "How does this affect how you live today?" And the woman replied, "Well, I never got the chance to tell my father I loved him." So she does now, every day. She tells people she loves, that she loves them. Pretty freaky huh? I found out later the whole thing was a set up. Just kidding. No, I knew the woman who got hypnotized. Pretty wild. The professor said, "There's one of two options. Either previous life experiences do exist, or we have an incredible imagination." You know, everything we see, we record. The brain is amazing. When you're hypnotized, you go back and review a specific moment, you know, like reading a license plate on a car. Something like that.

Like I said before, even when I was ready to check out, you know, catch the bus, live in the next life, exit stage left, I wasn't so freaked out because I've had some amazing experiences. If you where to make a movie, it would be a combination of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Big Fish, Forest Gump, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Then sprinkle in a little Indiana Jones and voila! you would have my movie.  Anyway, I'm halfway through. Who knows what's next. Here's my link to the blog where I talk about the present. I'll talk to you guys soon. Love, B. Nice