November 14, 2014


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about my past. You know, things I thought of when I was lying on my back for so long.

Planes, trains and automobiles. You know, I was always traveling. My work took me around the world and I always seemed to be on an airplane, bus or a boat. Oh, that reminds me, do you know what Boat stands for. Bust Out Another Thousand. Anyway, I remember taking a plane to New Guinea. We were on an old DC3. We couldn't fly that high so we would fly in the valleys below the clouds. It was pretty cool. Kind of scary, but cool. That was when I was young. I have hundreds of stories, like the time the captain of Malaysian Airlines walked down the stairs to look at the engine of the jet plane. It was pouring fuel out of the engine. The pilot looked like he was about 14 years old. One other time I got in a helicopter and it would barely take off. The guy looked at me. He looked like he was about 13. I've been in one major plane accident. I think I told you about that a few blogs ago. Go ahead and look for it. It might be a couple of years ago.

I've been on many train rides, like the overnight from Paris to Milan. That's pretty cool. The point is, I used to travel a lot. Now it seems I just stay home and stare at a tree. Kind of a contrast. I kind of like staring at the trees.

This thought came to me totally out of the blue, but I used to shoot with a film made by Polaroid. It was a cool film. It was 35mm and you could process it right there and then. It had a grainy look to it. Anyway, I was shooting a story of a girl in a white dress. I still remember the dress. It was made by an English designer, Ghost. We were shooting at night, underwater, and I was using strobe with an underwater camera. It was cool until I got on the boat and the captain looked kind of nervous. I said, "What's wrong? Why do you look so nervous?" He said, "Oh, there are some Cayman Alligators around here." I said," OK, we're done. Let's go to the bar." I still remember the make up artist's name and the hairdresser's name. It was a great shoot. For an English magazine. A good trip. Oh, and the bar was good too. Oh, and check it out. I saw a major, MAJOR celebrity at the bar. He was having a nice romantic drink with another dude, but I'll never tell. Oh yeah, and this major MAJOR celebrity has a really hairy back. I couldn't stop laughing to myself.

I'm gonna leave it there for now. I'll keep on thinking about stories from the past. Remember, if you are sick and lying in bed, it's a good way to pass the time. Just think about the past. That's why I admire kids in the hospital so much. Because their past is so small. It's amazing they can make it through it. Anyway, that's it for now. Love, B. Nice

Oh, and here's a link to my other blog, you know, where I talk about the present.