October 31, 2014

Hi everybody. Let's start by saying it's Halloween today, October 31st. I want to start by saying … Boo. I want to talk about the past because this blog is about the past. I want to talk about the past before I forget it.

I'll talk to you about meeting my first photo editor in Australia. You see, my first wife and I were gonna drive from Cairins north in Australia to Sydney. Back then it was a small country road along the coast. We had rented a car in Cairins and started driving south. Well, I thought to myself, I'm gonna need to buy a car so we kept on the lookout for a used car on the way to Sydney. Well, we found one about well, around Brisbane. We went to the local pub and called the man that had a for sale sign on his car. I decided to buy something subtle. It was Hunter Green, holden HQ, with a white roof and mag wheels. It was a total muscle head car. It had oversized tires on it. It looked like a meth smuggler's dream car. It looked like an American Trans Am. Pretty cool. Anyway, I was at the bar, called the owner who came with his father. They were nice chaps. We hung out and had a few beers and then they invited us over to have dinner. Like a young idiot, I decided to go over to their house for dinner. Now, most people in their right mind wouldn't go over to a stranger's house, but we were young and stupid. But dinner was really good and they were really nice people. I bought the car. Paid cash and the young man who sold me the car actually started crying when he handed over the car. We dropped off the rental at the closest spot and continued driving south to Sydney. Going back to the photo editor, one of my first jobs, I showed up to meet her, I rolled up in my muscle head car, stepped out all in black. I was pasty white and I looked about 15 back then. She looked at me like "Who is this guy?" Oh yeah, I had Queensland plates, which is northern Australia. I used to get stopped all the time because it looked like a total drug smuggler's car. The job went well despite the fact that I looked like a total freak. Oh,  yeah, actually, the car didn't look like a Trans Am. It looked like a 1970 Camero. I ended up selling the car to a bunch of Swedish guys. I said the car is fast, has a straight 6 in it and it can go from zero to 60 really quick. So be careful. It's very powerful. They just said, "Ya, ya, we take it." They must have had a good time.

I'm gonna include a cartoon from a random diary my friend here picked out. And we will include the link to the blog about the future and the present. Have a good Halloween. Don't take any rotten apples. Boo, B. Nice