October 10, 2014


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the past. You know, I mentioned before that I had agents all over. You know, like New York, London, Paris, Milan, etc. I had agents all over. But I had this one agent. All this agent wanted to do was make money. I felt like a bloody ATM machine. You know, it's good to make money, but oh man, this was out of control. You gotta keep your creative side going.  You know, I guess it's a constant battle between art and commerce. You get hired for your artistic side, but next thing you know, you're doing stuff for them like, I won't go into it, but you're doing commerce. Am I making any sense to you? Anyway, keep doing your own thing. Remember that. My friend here said, I could have just said no, but let me tell you, after you do that starving young artist thing for a while, you know, no heat in Paris, you get kind of tired of that.

You know, you guys, I'm starting to run out of stories. I know I said it before, but the well is starting to dry up. I don't want to repeat myself, you know, tell the same old story. Maybe someone out there that knows me can tickle my memory and send me an email.  But then again, I might not want to remember some stuff. But I'd still love to hear from you. Hey, why don't I include a cartoon from the past. I'll have my friend here take photo of a cartoon. Hope you have a good week. I'm gonna sign off. Remember my blog about the future is the other one on briannice.com/mypointofviewproject.

See you next week. Love, B. Nice