Chapter 75 - November 13, 2012

Monotonous. Tedious. Claustrophobic. Never ending. Schedulized. Repetitive. No, I'm not talking about marriage. I'm talking about traumatic brain injury recovery. See, it takes time to get better. This routine reminds me of a period in my life called pre-season cross-country. You see, we would give up August to run pre-season. We did this at our own will. We would give up 3 to 4 weeks to train. We always stayed at our coach's house. Our schedule was pretty much this: Get up at 7. Have a light breakfast. Train from 8 to 11. Have a lunch. Take a nap. Train from 3 to 6. Have dinner. Watch TV and go to bed. We did this for about 3 weeks. My schedule right now is pretty much the same. But I've been doing this for 3 years! Anyway, I said it before, but I'll say it again, there's some periods of my life that got me ready for this. I believe pre-season got me ready for what I'm going through right now.

Hey, talking about college, let me tell a few stories. I met this girl, kissed her and thought, hey, let's get a place together. So we moved in together, being the young idiot I was. Anyway, on the weekends, I would always go to track meets to compete. I was pretty good. I would run the qualifiers on Saturday and then run the finals on Sunday. I would always make the finals. But one weekend, I didn't feel so good. I didn't make the finals in any race so I decided to surprise my girlfriend and go home early. (Never surprise your girlfriend.) Surprising her was to turn out to be my second mistake. My first mistake was moving in with her. Anyway, I got home early, grabbed a beer out of the fridge, sat down at the kitchen table and started to go through the mail. I looked over to my right and there was a leather jacket on the chair. I thought to myself, "That's not my jacket. It's an ugly jacket, but that's not mine." Then I heard some noise coming from the back bedroom. Our bedroom! I went back there and pushed the door open. Very slowly. Creaking sound.... I opened the door slowly and there he was, my neighbor, in bed with my girlfriend. He pulled the sheets up to his chin and he said, "Don't do anything stupid man." And I said, "I think you beat me to that." I turned around, walked to the table, grabbed my beer and left. I didn't know where to go, so I thought, well, I'll go to the movies. I saw Outland with Sean Connery, three times. No one would sit next to me. What's wrong with a guy with a beer and popcorn crying at a science fiction movie? Anyway, the whole thing I think kind of freaked me out. I got my own apartment, built a full on bar in the living room, complete with beer on tap 24/7. I bought a rabbit and named him Andrew. I bought a water bed. (Never buy a rabbit and a water bed at the same time.) Anyway, I had lots of girlfriends, lots of parties, I got to know campus security quite well. PS. I have a lot of stories about the rabbit, Andrew, the water bed was just one story. I guess he was pretty thirsty one day and he wanted to get some water so he burrowed into my water bed. I'll let you use your imagination. I had strange dreams that night. Anyway, Andrew was one situation that always comes to mind. I'll just throw some random things out there. There's Andrew the Rabbit. Campus Security. A 442 Cutlass Oldsmobile with mag wheels. Campus Paramedics. 21 shots of tequila on a 21st birthday. A roommate trying to bring a skunk home because he thinks it's a kitty cat. A Dodge Dart that goes 100 miles an hour. Going through a tollbooth pushing a car. A fake cast on an arm. The list is endless. That period of my life was quite an adventure. Thank god it was only 4 years. Anyway, my friend here will include some drawings from my journals, and check out the link to my new project:

Other than that, I don't have much else to report. I keep on working hard. I'll talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice