Chapter 32 – January 3, 2012

Happy New Year everybody! It’s a new year and I’m going to think positive and self
image a good year. Anyway, check this out. Imagine me, lying in bed trying to pee in
a bottle. Imagine me trying to keep my dog away. Imagine me with the worst cold you
can imagine. Basically, I’m a mess right now. Now imagine this, imagine my ex calling
to speak with my little one. My ex happens to be in the Caribbean having champagne,
taking in the sun with my ex’s new love interest. Who said life is fair? Anyway, you
gotta have a laugh. Talk about extremes.

The past few weeks have been kind of tough. They changed up my therapy, and I
got a wicked cold. You see, any time I get a cold or flu or anything like that, I feel it
tenfold more because of my condition. Basically, I feel like hell, and then, my little one
arrived to see me. And my little one is sick as well. Man, I can’t catch a break. I need a
vacation. I would always complain about it before, but I miss my work trips. We used to
work in places like Hawaii, St. Barts, etc. Not a bad way to make a living.

I’m going to go off on a tangent here. Are you a climber? Do you climb faces? Cliffs?
Breathing is so important. Don’t panic. You see, right now, my friend who’s typing
this is seeing my diaphragm panicking and going crazy. It’s hard to breathe. It’s hard
to relax. I keep coughing. Can’t stop. My diaphragm is spassing out. It’s a very
uncomfortable feeling. You have no control. The only real way to relax is to meditate. I
feel like the past three years I have been doing meditation. They’re quick ones, but they
get me through what I have to get through. Surfing has always helped me. You see, in
surfing, you live in the moment. You have to to make the ride.

It seems my coughing has calmed down, so I’ll continue. I’ll talk about therapy
again. I mentioned before, in my last blog, they discontinued my physical therapy and
occupational therapy. I didn’t know what to do. My mom looked around for me and
there was nothing as good as what I got. I made a decision to join the wellness center at
my hospital and I will continue with my swim program. They know me at my hospital.
So it’s good to stay where they know me. They also have a rapid response team if you
get real sick, so you’re taken care of right away. The other places I looked at, they might
find you a week later. I’ll continue on my own and I’ll get better and go back to my
physical and occupational therapy.

Oh, I forgot to tell everyone, I’m going to get a car, a trailer and an assistant, and go
across America, taking photographs. It will be a continuation of what I’m working
on now. I photograph the world as I see it. It’s pretty funky. It’ll be a great project.
And hopefully, I’ll have a show when I’m done. Who knows, it might even turn into
something big. I’ve got some ideas. You tend to get good ideas when you’re lying on
your back and thinking for three years.

I’d like to remind everyone what’s really important in my life, at least what I’ve found
to be important. I guess you could say, this is my profound thought of the week. When
you see family, it’s so important. Family is so important. It’s what really matters. My

family has helped me get through this. And they help me get better. It’s really the only
thing I can rely on at the moment, and I’m talking about immediate family. If you don’t
have this in your life, the next best thing is a good friend or friends. Anyway, it’s just my
point of view. Happy New Year everybody. Let’s make it a good one.