Chapter 7 - April 19, 2011

I’m talking to my friend Julie. She is typing for me. I’ve come down on my anti seizure
medicine. It’s allowed me to have more of a sense of clarity. That was powerful stuff.
It really numbed my sense of being. But with this clarity I also have fear, fear of how I
really am. I can’t really describe this feeling. The closest you can probably understand
is if you were in a sleeping bag, gaffer taped all around the bag, and dragged around by
your shoulders. It’s a very claustrophobic feeling. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to
lose my mind, as it has been like this for almost 2 years. Cheerful, huh?

Gotta remember to stay positive. A real positive thing happened last week. I got to see
my daughter. She came and stayed with me for a few days. Nothing better than getting
little hugs first thing in the morning. She is always so happy. We spent the day playing.
It really lifted my spirit. Now that she’s gone, I have to get back to work. It just makes
me realize that work hard and getting better is my job. With the Easter break they had
limited therapy at Helen Hayes so I end up doing a lot of work at home. I have a new
aide. He’s from India. And he has been helping me work out. It’s kind of like doing
homework. I spend every moment doing something that I believe will get me better. I
think I mentioned before but right about now I think it becomes a very mental game. I
know I can do all the physical therapy needed, but mentally I’m really tested right now.
It helps a lot to have family and friends around to encourage me. One day I’ll have
to have a big party and thank everyone. Anyway, not much more to report this week.
Oh, yeah, one thing: it seems that anything you catch like a cold etc., will be ten times
stronger. I think I got a cold from Sam. The weather has been so raw and cold.

I just realized now I’m on farting terms with my friend Julie. I had a sneezing attack but
farted because I have a broken body.

This week has been scary. I seem to be more aware of my body. God, I hope I don’t
stay like this forever. It’s kind of a nightmare. This week has been painful. Physically
painful. I opened up the front room in my parents old house on the Hudson River. After
this Spring and Summer. It’s kind of symbolic and like a rebirth an opening, a new thing.
I put my old pool table in there. That will help me with my balance. I’ll see you in a
couple weeks.