Daily Home Rehabilitation With My Family And An Aid

Seems like I am always rehabilitating. When I arise from bed around 6 or 7am. I am met by my mom or dad. I have an aid that arrives 30 minutes later who helps me through my daily home rehabilitation which is separate from Helen Hayes. This is vigorous and is similar to homework. This entails the following schedule:

1. I receive a bed bath
2. Ankle and leg braces are put on
3. I sit up and practice my balance and push ups on either side with the aid(with Jessica or Deborah).
4. I then practice standing with the help of my aid.
5. I am helped out of bed to my feet and into my wheelchair and off to breakfast
6. At breakfast I practice feeding myself and am fed by the aid and practice various hand movements
7. After breakfast I receive a treatment for my lungs.
8. Then its off to the stationary bike. It takes three persons to help me ride but i am up to three 5 minute sessions.
9. After the bike I am off to the bathroom (this is not fun and an invasion to my privacy). I am stood up. My pants are taken down. I am positioned accordingly and then I sit back. Holding onto a handicapped railing, pillows are set around me to avoid falling. I am then left alone to attempt to go. I feel like a dog. Go. Come! Sit! Shit!
10. When I am finished with the restroom, my aid cleans my backside. Then helps me to my feet. I am taken directly to the kitchen table and ran through my eye exercises until the ambulette arrives.
11. Onto the ambulette. The driver wheels me from the kitchen to the ambulette and straps my chair and I in. My mom attends these trips as well. Sometimes an aid replaces my mother. The ride takes 30 minutes.
12. At Helen Hayes, I work a variety of things designed to help me heal. This takes 3 to 5 hours weekly.
13. Returning from Helen Hayes, I do Home rehab from 5 to 6pm. Usually leg strength and stretching.
14 Diner is around 6pm.
15. After diner I watch a little BBC.
16. Then its time for the bathroom experience again.
17. From the nightly bathroom its over to bed for much needed rest. I am helped from the toilette to the chair and rolled over to my bed where the aid helps me to my feet and I am properly placed into bed. Pillows are placed underneath me depending on how i want to be positioned. left side or right.
18. One of my parents sleeps in the room with me nightly as sometimes it is necessary for me to use the restroom again and other times i may fall out of bed or need some help.

What a day. Never a dull moment. A lot of frustrations. I appreciate my mom and dad so much. It does get manotness. But it is working and I am recovering...next day all over again. Never never quitting.