July 5, 2017


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present.

"Be a master of your own universe." Isn't that what they say? What I'm getting at is, there's a point at which you've got to take control of your own life when you have a traumatic brain injury. When I ran track & field, I sometimes ran a relay race where you have to hold a baton. There are four people and you pass the baton between each runner. Well, I'm at a stage where I'm to receive the baton from my point person. Does that make sense? What I'm getting at is, you can have a point person doing all your work, but eventually, you're gonna have to take control. It's another step in healing, and it is rather daunting, but it's something you have to do, if you want to get better. My advice to anyone going through this is to get a notebook and keep track of appointments, days, and delegate things to other people. You know, take charge.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna go off on a bit of a tangent here. I just remembered, it was fourth of July and this one time I took a flight from New York to LA. I saw fireworks all the way across America. It was pretty cool. I think I told you already, but I just thought I'd share with you that experience. A good visual.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about. Just be aware of what's going on and take control. That's all.

Hey, check it out! My daughter's coming back for most of July. Pretty cool huh? We get to hang out for almost a month. That's pretty cool. It'll be a lot of fun. I can't wait to see her. Speaking of my daughter coming, I'm gonna go rest because I'm gonna need all the energy I can get.

Oh yeah, one other tangent. I live right across from West Point Military Academy, right? Well, West Point is an artillery school, right? Well, all night long, I hear boom boom boom, and then I realize it was my father in the bedroom above me. He was walking around the bedroom. I thought it was funny and I told my father that I thought his walking around was West Point practicing artillery. He just looked at me blankly and went back to his frosted flakes.

Above is a flower for you guys. I've been photographing flowers.

Have a good week. Love. B. Nice