March 19, 2017


This is a quote: Life is but a walking shadow. Yes, and you know where this philosophical thought came from? It came from a character named Patrick on Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob Square Pants. My daughter was here for a week, and it was great. We watched Sponge Bob. We played cards, did a lot of reading. Baked, cooked. You know, we just hung out basically. We had a huge blizzard here. Probably the blizzard of the century. I'm so glad my daughter got to see it. Oh yeah, and the quote from above is actually Shakespeare. My friend here just told me it's actually from "The Scottish Play." Very impressive.

The week before my daughter came to visit, I went to the Rec Center and walked again, using the Up n Go. Like I said before, man, it's tough. I mean, really tough. I used to train for the 1500 meter run, and we went through some tough workouts, but his made that look like child's play. I can see why people just say, "To hell with this," and just stay in the wheelchair.

I'm not gonna talk about much of anything else because I want to hear about my friend's vacation. My friend who's typing this went on a 10 day vacation and I want to hear about it.

Talk to you guys next week.

Love, B. Nice

P.S. Above is a photo of a project I'm doing. My mother says, "Brian, your photos are so dark and moody." I said, "Yeah? Well, life isn't a bowl of cherries right now." So here it is, my bowl of cherries.

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