September 27, 2016


Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present.

I'm sitting here on my porch with my friend here, and it's a beautiful fall day. Great clouds. I call them the Simpson's Clouds. Gray, blues greens and whites. Only drag is, I can't seem to sit up properly. I changed the configuration of my wheel chair and I realize I have no core strength. It's amazing. You change a few things and it can change your whole life. By the end of the day, I'm exhausted. You know, before I had more lateral support. You know, wings on my wheelchair. that would support me, but they're now moved because I have a different cushion. It's hard to elaborate, but believe me when you have no core strength, you're like a wet noodle.

My friend here reminded me about how important it is to breathe deep through the nose, exhale out the mouth. It's like meditation, and I agree it's very important. I've had what I call moments, auras, mini seizures, throughout the week, and the breathing technique really helps. I've averted many moments using this technique. I highly advise it.

The other thing that happened the other night is a family friend came by and dropped off some chiles I use for cooking. I made a chili that should be classified as a weapon. Man, it was so hot. You just walk past it and you start to sweat. But I enjoy cooking. I don't actually cook, but I supervise what's going on.

Not much else to report. I was just telling my family friends some stories of the past. I'm gonna kind of make things up and tell you one story from the past.

I applied late to college and got stuck in a fraternity. The guy across from me was a speed freak. He used to take speed all the time. One time he was in the lounge pacing back and forth like a lion. I would call his phone and just before he got to it I would hang up. I did it a few times before he totally lost it. It was pretty funny. My roommate, who was a body builder, just looked at me and shook his head. He said, "You're a sick puppy, you know that?"

This is B. Nice signing off.

Here's a link to my other website where I talk about the past.

Love, B. Nice