March 15, 2016

Red SelectXCountry-2013_05

Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present. I'm presently recovering from my little one's visit. She's a smart kid, but Oh Man! Talk about energy. When you have a traumatic brain injury, any stimulus out of the norm is gonna send you over the top. She just left and I feel like hell. But it was worth it. What a great visit.

You know, when you have a traumatic brain injury all sorts of weird things happen. For example, I've been having a strange feeling on the right side of my body. The whole right side is cold. Imagine drawing a line from the top of your head right down to your belly button. Now imagine the whole right side being cold. It's really bizarre. Circulation? Who knows? Just another wonderful bonus you get from a traumatic brain injury.

The other thing I'v been doing is going through my old material. You know, the stuff I did when I was shooting fashion photography. I've been going through my old tear sheets and filing them. Man! I worked a lot. I think I told you this before, but between 1984 and up until 2008, I worked a lot. I guess I never really realized it before. No wonder why my head exploded. But it is fun to go through all the old stuff. Some was really great. Some was terrible. Like my friend here says, I always had a good time and I guess that's what counts. Going back to the right side of my body feeling cold, when I exercise, it starts to feel normal. Overall, I feel better when I do a bit of stretching or exercising. It helps a lot.

I'll tell you, when you have a traumatic brain injury, you really have to rely on other people. It's a drag, but you can't do a lot of stuff on your own. No way. It does get tiring though, relying on other people. You just want to be independent. I'm getting a bit sick of it right now, but I guess after six years, you would get a bit tired of not being independent. I do see an overall improvement though. Like my eyesight, strength in the core. Stuff like that. I'll tell you though, it's very very slow. Not much else to tell you. I got a new Ducati motorcycle. Just kidding. That was a dream I had. I'll tell you about that later. That's all for this week. Here's my link to my other blog. Miss you guys. Talk to you soon, and oh, yeah, don't forget to go to my movie that I made with my friends at Team Hall along with my family. It's about a road trip across America. It was basically done to call attention to brain injury. Here's the link, and if you want to go, buy tickets because it might be sold out the day of the show.