February 9, 2016


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about my present. I presently just got back from water therapy. I gotta get serious. I always joke around. That's not good sometimes. Today I was joking around in the water and I started going under. Everyone was laughing. I thought, when is someone gonna come and get me. It was a long session though. I'm pretty wiped out.

Let's see, what else happened this week. Well, at the end of every day, I walk with my up n go walker. But you've got to keep up with it. It pays off. Believe me. It all does get tiring though. I mean, just the other night I kind of freaked out because you get really sick of all this. When you have a traumatic brain injury they say, once you've see a traumatic brain injury, you'e seen one traumatic brain injury. Everyone's different. I'm sorry, I'm rambling, but basically, it's a drag. Yeah, sometimes you just wish you could take a break, step out of your body and shake it off and go back into it. Hard to describe, but it's all rather claustrophobic.

When I get kind of bummed out I start doing my photography. That helps a lot. Either that or painting. Abstract painting. That helps a lot. And it's a lot of fun. My father's a fine art painter and we paint every day at 5:00.


I was sitting here, trying to think of things to tell you guys. You know, things that are new. There's nothing new. Pretty pathetic huh? Makes me realize I gotta get out more. I mean, I'm talking to the freaking dog. Like I said before, when he starts talking back, I'm in trouble. Who knows, I might be living with The Coconut Man. Check out my other blog.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm gonna go back to work. Love you guys. Remember, if you have a traumatic brain injury, you gotta work hard every day. 9 to 5. It's your job. Love and miss you guys, B. Nice

P.S. The artwork up above is for my daughter. I miss her a lot.