January 29, 2016


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present. The other day I went to see my film I did with Adam and Erin Hall. It was in the Bronx Film Festival (http://bronxstage.com/offset/). It was cool to see the film again. The film's called Offset. Check it out. Anyway, it was interesting seeing the past. I've definitely improved. Man, I was a mess. But, I'm getting better. That's for sure. I promised my daughter I'd get better and I am. It was tough though, I'll tell you, because the theatre was very dark and the screen was obviously light. All of this triggered something I've never experienced before. I felt like I was sinking backwards into my chair. I thought, Great I'm gonna have a seizure right here in front of everybody. (I was in the front row.) If I had a seizure, I should have charged everyone $10 more for the entertainment. It all went good though. People seemed to really like the film and had some great suggestions.

I continue to work with my walker on standing up and walking. It's getting smoother and smoother, I don't go far, cause I'll tell you, it's exhausting but it's getting easier. I still find it ironic I used to run close to a 4 minute mile, and I can barely take 20 steps. But at least I can take 20 steps. I'm gonna leave it at that because I'm pretty tired. Check out my blog where I used to lie in bed and think about the past. My friend here will include the link. Bye for now, and see you next week. Love, B. Nice