November 10, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present.

I presently met with my new case worker. She said to me, "Brian, you seemed a little depressed. Perhaps you're depressed." I felt like saying, "Depressed?! Who the hell wouldn't be? Come on, give me a break! I think you'd be abnormal if you weren't depressed." I don't have major depression, but yeah, I'm bummed out because of the way I am. It could be because my dog stinks so bad. What's with that anyway? Does anyone out there know why dogs roll in crap?

You know, it's been getting kind of tiring. I've been using my up n go every day. This is the third time I've used it to learn how to walk. When I said third time, I meant third chunk of time. Every time I learn, I get put back in hospital and have to start from square one. Like a game of shoots and ladders. It's helpful though. It's exhausting, but it helps you walk. It's amazing. You know, but every step is well thought out and executed. You can't rush it. That's for sure. I'll tell you, just taking 20 steps is like running a marathon. It takes two people to help you, and you want a well deserved martini at the end of it, but that martini will have to wait. In the meantime, it's just hard work.

Not much else to report. I'm just doing more and more water therapy. Water therapy in conjunction with the New Step has made huge improvements in my walking. I also wear my weight vest as well as my leg braces. I feel like I'm a Chinese warrior in a wicker fighting suit getting ready for battle. I mean, come on. It's crazy! Can they put one more piece of apparatus on me? Actually, let's not talk about it cause my therapist might find one more thing to put on me. Like I said before, you can't get hung up on the equipment. It's a drag putting all this stuff on, but it's just for the moment. Anyway, it's very Jean Paul Gaultier of the '80's. All I need is a nice dinner jacket.

One last thing I'd like to talk about. You know, every day is different. This morning I woke up and I had a hard time with my speech. everyone keeps saying, "What did you say?" In my mind I think I sound clear, but I probably sound like the teacher in the Peanuts comic strip. Wah wahwah wah wahwah wah. I feel like someone hit me in the face with a laptop computer. Oh well, just another day in the world of Traumatic Brain Injury. I'm gonna leave it at that. Check out my other blog where I talk about my sordid past.

Have a good week. Love, B. Nice