October 9, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present. I had you come over here to this blog because I was talking about a friend of mine from the past who came over for a visit. I talked a bit about this before, so I'll briefly give you a history. I lived in Australia and I showed my friend around, you know, the friend from Paris. He said, "Thank you, if you ever come to Paris, give me a call." Boy, did he make a mistake. In about two months I was on a plane to Paris. I called this guy and his girlfriend almost every night. I said, "Where are we going next?" It was like a never ending party with these guys. I ended up living there for two years. It was a lot of fun. I bring it up because, I met with my friend recently. My friend from Paris opened up a boutique hotel. I'll give you the link here. https://www.lesbains-paris.com/en/

It was fun going out with these guys because I saw Paris as a real local, as a true Parisian, not as a tourist. So, if you want to see Paris as a Parisian, I strongly recommend you go over there and stay at my friend's hotel. It will be a lot of fun. When my friend left the other day, he said, "If you come to Paris, look me up." I'm looking at ship schedules right now (ha, ha, ha). I told him to be careful what he says.

P.S. As a gift, he brought me a T-Shirt.

I've been going back to my rehab hospital almost every day. I've become like the mayor of the hospital. Everyone says, "Hi Brian, nice to see you again." My favorite is when they say, "Hi Brian, how's it going?" I select one of the voices I have and go, "Whooop whoop whoop zzzzzzzzz" or "HIUuUUuummmmm" - You see, when you're in a wheelchair, you can make any noise you want. People say, "Aww the guy's messed up. Let him do what he wants." There's one therapist there. She was my speech therapist. Whenever I see her, I say, in a strong Australian accent, "G'day mate, How ya doin' Love? Don't be a tosser." She says to me, "What's with the accent?" I say, "I don't know! You gave it to me!" There's another therapist there. He was my therapist when I was inpatient. Whenever I see him, I'll call him Dave, whenever I see him I say, "Dave, you're so ugly, they slapped your mother when you were born." or I say, "Dave, you're so ugly, if you were a woman going in for a makeover, it would take three hours just to get an estimate." Then there's Mike who is in the pool. As I'm being lowered into the pool, I say to him loudly, "Mike, my mother says I'm immature. Do you think I am, Captain Nipple?"

The point is, when you're this messed up, you gotta have fun. You gotta have a laugh. Otherwise, it's too depressing.

Things have been pretty wild with my new weighted vest. I told you before, I have a vest that's weighted and I use it in therapy. It's pretty basic, but it's wild how well it works. I practice walking, sitting up, you know, stuff like that. I've yet to try it swimming though. I'm sure there are a few people out there who would like me to try it out in the pool. Next step is to get some parallel bars so I can practice walking on land. Gravity is a bitch, let me tell you.

That's all from B. Nice. Have a good week. Love you all. Here's a link to my blog where I talk about the past.