August 25, 2015


Hi you guys. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present. I'm presently sitting here with my friend, me, my dog and a mannequin that's freaking me out. I can't see so good, but my friend brought over a mannequin that has one of her works of art on it. It's awesome.

OK, back to traumatic brain injury. I went to water therapy today and man, it wiped me out. You know, like I said before, you're gonna have good days and bad days. This was a good day. It really helps you a lot. You can walk. It's really fun. Makes you feel good. I spend like about an hour doing different therapies. Although, I did get in trouble. My mother keeps yelling at me to stop acting like a ten year old. I said to one of the therapists, I said, "Mike, do you thnk I act like a ten year old?"Oh, did I introduce you to my healthcare assistant. His name is Mr. Nipples." My mother just rolled her eyes.

It's been super hot here and very high humidity. That combination really affects me. I always gotta stay in an air conditioned room. When you have traumatic brain injury, different things will affect you. You know everyone's different, different things will affect different people.

The other cool thing that happened this week was I moved back upstairs again. It feels great to have my own bedroom. It's a bit of an effort getting up the stairs. I have a stair chair lift, but it's worth it. Luckily I can't see very good 'cause it's a hellava long way down the stairs. Kind of scary I guess.

Some of my older friends from the good old days stopped by. They took me out to lunch. That was great, but I tell you, I feel like a freaking bird in public. You know, someone has to feed me. They should put me on a stand, with a little mirror and a bell. It's a little depressing, but, at least I can eat.

I've been going out more and more, you know, out into the real world. I highly advise it. Cause, you get comfortable in your own world. You almost become a hermit. It's good to get out there. Life becomes therapy.

That's about all to report for this week. Remember, never give up.

This is B. Nice signing off. Love, B. Nice

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