July 3, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present. My friend here presently has hay fever. You know, seasonal allergy. I was laughing because I can't sneeze. In other words, I have a hard time sneezing. It starts out with a big gasp for air and then all sorts of mutations of the face. Then it goes into me convulsing and trying not to look at any bright objects. It ends with the most pathetic lip biting sneeze you've ever heard. Kind of funny, but not.

Let's see. What else can I talk about? Well, my little one was here. Let me tell you. A little love goes a long long way. I can't believe how much this kid has grown up. It's amazing and a good gauge of time. Cause, you see, I really don't have a good sense of time. I mean it feels like I had my first operation a few months ago, but it was six years ago. Like I said, it's not bad if you have a good DVD collection. You say to yourself, "Hey! I've never seen this one before."

So check this out: I'm officially an advocate for people in wheel chairs. I'm meeting with the town council to walk down main street and show them what should be done for people in wheelchairs. Pretty cool. Should I wear my viking outfit (just kidding). It is a good opportunity to raise awareness for handicapped people. I think it's cool anyway.

The other thing that's new for me is I've been sleeping on my stomach. It sounds a little pathetic but it's a big deal for me. I still wake up at night kind of freaked out and I don't know where I am, but it's a positive step for me. Before my injury, I used to sleep on my stomach all the time. Speaking of sleeping, I actually have been sleeping less and less. It's kind of a drag. I wake up about 4 am. and I can't get back to sleep. Not sure what that's from. Family stress. Not sure. Just an observation. And another pleasant side effect of traumatic brain injury.

I'm not sure if I told you this. I thought it was pretty funny, but thank god my health aid was here. There was me with traumatic brain injury, my eight year old daughter, and an 83 year old father. We were all staring at the Weber grill trying to figure out what we should do. It sounds like giving a monkey a box of razor blades, right? Well, my health aid had common sense to say, "Everyone get back. I'll fire up the grill." He fired up the grill and we cooked a great meal. On that note, I'm gonna sign off. I'm gonna sit in a corner and do nothing. My little one just left and I have no more energy.

Have a good week. Love, B. Nice

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