12 June, 2015


Hey everybody. Welcome to my blog where I talk about the present. Every morning I wake up and have a little art show. See the example above. They are pictures I paint every day or so at five with my father. The heart is for my daughter who I really miss.

I'll make this blog short cause it's hot and humid as hell and it really affects me. It seems different things will affect you if you have traumatic brain injury. I think I mentioned this before but, I've been doing the Up n Go almost every day. It helps you learn how to walk again. I highly recommend it. You do have to constantly stand up about every hour or so, you know to get your joints used to weight bearing your body weight. Remember, I've been sitting down a long time. It's also like the 3rd or 4th time I've had to learn how to walk again. It seems like every time I get to walking it's like BANG, back to square one. Let's hope I have a good run this time (no pun intended).

Here's my link to the blog about the past. Hope you have a good week. Love, B. Nice