May 29, 2015


Hi everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present. You know, I was reading previous blogs and in one I was acting as if I was talking to my little one. I said to her, "There are no shortcuts in life." But actually, there is one short cut that I know of. You see, you can learn through other peoples' mistakes. It will save a lot of time and energy, believe me. That's my profound thought of the week.

A friend of the family stopped by. He had a really secure and awesome media job. He gave it all up to pursue a career he's always wanted to do. Pretty ballsy. I'm proud of him. Remember, do what you love.

You know, I'm doing this blog to help other people. You see, I really believe that everything I've gone through in my life has led to this moment. It's kind of unreal, but I draw upon my past experiences to get through all this. Remember high school? The whole is a sum of its parts. How's that for profound.

Anyway, just to benchmark: I can sit up with some assistance. Still can't feed myself. The other day I walked about 100 feet with some help from a physical therapist. Mind you, it was on my Up 'n Go, which is like a walker, but it felt pretty good. It felt good to be up and around 6 feet tall again. I forgot what the world looked like from that perspective. It's easier to roll over now. I don't freak out when I'm on my stomach anymore. My eyesight is getting better. I still can't hold things, like cups of water. I could, but I'm afraid no one would want to sit around me. I still need help in just about everything. But over all, things are improving. Just gotta stay positive. The side walks in my local town still don't accommodate a person in a wheelchair so I think I'll just go park my ass on a curb. You know, the silent protest thing.

That's all for now. This is B. Nice signing off. Love you, B. Nice

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