February 17, 2015


Hi everybody. I was going to blog to you on St. Valentine's Day, you know, February 14th, but we got snowed in. I'm gonna blog to you today.

You know, just the opposite of love, positive vibes, you know, stuff like that is negative vibes and that is the last thing you need to be around when you have a traumatic brain injury. It's all a bit of a cliche but you have to surround yourself with positive energy. If there's any kind of negativeness, you know, like the news or people talking negatively, it can really bring you down. In my case it can trigger auras. I therefore try to surround myself with positive stuff. Just an observation. I therefore have one thing to say to you guys, "I love you Man!" That's all I have to say. Have a great Valentine's Day. Make it a year actually.

Love, B. Nice

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