December 19, 2014


Hi you guys. Can you believe Christmas is a week away? Pretty crazy. I sat here for like ten minutes bitching about something to my friend. When you're like the way I am, you gotta blow off steam once in a while. It helps to have somebody to talk to. It's wild. I tried the weighted vest again yesterday and I'm still feeling the side effects from it. You basically wear a vest and they put weights on your weaker side. I think I talked about it before, but the weights act as a counterbalance to your weaker side. It kind of balances you up and makes it easier to do therapy. But the problem is, when I take the vest off, I feel weird for a day or so. Everyone keeps calling me Eileen… It's pretty wild though, how it works. You would never think it works but it does. And to have it cleared and have insurance pay for it is pretty complicated. You would think it would be easy, but it's not.

Going back to Christmas, the one good thing about brain injury is that people give you some slack when you don't give them presents. I can't exactly hop in the car and go Christmas shopping. I usually give people a drawing that a two year old could do.

Not much else to report. It's all been the same old thing day in and day out. I would like to benchmark where I'm at because in the future I'll look back at a blog like this and I'll see where I was at. I can get around with the wheelchair and get around fairly decently. I can use my hands now which is pretty cool. But man, those door jambs, they hurt when I hit my hand against them. My face is still a little numb and tight. It's really difficult to talk. But it's always been like that. My vision is getting better. It's a good thing since I'm a photographer. Let's see, what else? I can roll over by myself and I don't freak out when I'm on my stomach. Before it was pretty freaky. Imagine this, imagine being taped up like a mummy and being put on your stomach. I felt really claustrophobic, but now I can move onto my back. It all sounds trivial, but believe me, it's all giant steps for me. I know I'll get back to walking one day, but I gotta be patient. You know, I say it over and over but, you gotta remember how lucky you are. Just to be able to stand up and walk. I'll get there one day. Now I'll go back to trying to put tape on the bottom of my dog's feet. It's my only entertainment I have. See you guys next week. Oh, and have a good Christmas or holiday or whatever they call it. Have a great break. Love, B. Nice

Oh, here's a link to where I talk about the past and some photos I've been doing.