November 25, 2014


So, HI everybody! So check this out, my daughter's here. She says, "Hi." My friend here will type everything we say, like cat, dog, mom, dad. Say something, Bah. Bah. Bah. Bah. Anything else? Anyway, it's great having her here. I'm exhausted, but it's great. Let's see, what else did we do this week? She's making noises. What else did we do this week? We rode the power chair. We went to a museum. We went to the library, and it's going to snow tomorrow. And rain maybe. The point is we're having fun and it's nice to mix things up. You know, get out of the routine of therapy. She is here for a short time. Only 5 days, but it'll be 5 days of great fun. It's kind of like therapy for me.

The other thing I've been doing is thinking about images from the road trip. I would love to do a show of my work so I'm thinking of what images to use. On a side note, my little one just told me she's going to make cookies for the snowy day and the frosting tomorrow. Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent there. The other thing that's been happening a lot is I've been getting little moments. They come more often when my little one visits. I guess it's stress. Who knows. Just another sign of traumatic brain of injury.

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Basically, I took this week off from therapy. But having my daughter here is like therapy. I think if I did both it would be too much. I'm gonna leave it there because I have some face painting to do apparently, and the cookie cutting. I'll pick out a few images I've been working on, and my little one says Hi and Bye.