July 15, 2014

10-10_2-04 Oh man, what a family! I was sitting here at the lunch table in the kitchen looking at my daughter who's hyper-active, my father who had pneumonia and heart failure, and me who had a massive brain bleed and brain surgery two times, and my poor mother who looks after all three of us. Oh yeah, and a crazy dog. Picture this: OK, so my dad can't understand me cause I sound like a burn out. I say, "Dad!" and he goes "What?" and the dog starts barking. My dad says, "Who's there?" And my daughter says, "Someone's here! Let me check the front door." And I yell to her, "No running in the house." And my father says to me, "What? She saw a mouse." And my mother runs in and says, "What mouse?!" You got the idea. Never a dull moment.

Hi everybody. Welcome to another interesting week of traumatic brain injury. I'll tell you, it's been really humid over the past few days. It seems to really affect me. Humidity is definitely not my friend. The other thing I'm looking forward to is getting a new bike. I'm gonna try and bike with my feet. Actually, it's really a trike. It looks cool and with my daughter being here, I can ride with her again. It looks really fun. It's all supplied by the hospital I go to for therapy. The other cool thing is I looked at the old family piano I had restored. It'll be good for me, you know, for my hands, and I can teach my daughter piano. Hopefully I'll take delivery on it in a few weeks. Good for the hands. With my daughter being here, I'm gonna take her to Storm King Sculpture Museum. It's basically an outdoor museum on top of a hill so it's just grass, sculpture and sky. She'll have fun running there. It's visually very graphic. I'll take photos. Kind of cool. It's great having my daughter here because it won't be until October that I see her again. She's really growing up fast. Anyway, I won't get started talking about her cause it kind of makes me sad.

I'm gonna make it a short one. I just include the photos I did on the trip across america. Oh yeah, my friend here and I have been working on our next trip, a ship to Europe. Should be visually really cool. Hope you have a good one. And remember, if you have traumatic brain injury, don't give up. Love, B. Nice

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