April 1, 2014


Man have I got a big pear! My friend here brought me and my other friend out to lunch and the waiter put a big plastic pear at our table. I looked around the restaurant. No one else had a pear. I said to the waiter, "Why do I have a big pear?" and I gestured with my hand. He didn't think anything was funny, at least anything I said. I guess when you're in a wheelchair and you talk like a burnout, no one takes you seriously. Or maybe that's why I had a big pear. It was to warn everyone, "Stay away from this guy." I mean all the other waiters. Anyway, it was a good lunch. Thank you my friend who's sitting across from me.

Hi everybody, Welcome to another week. Hey it's April Fools Day. I'll get back to that in a minute.

I'll tell you, when you have traumatic brain injury it takes forever to heal. If you're just starting to read this blog and you have a traumatic brain injury, man, get ready because it's gonna take a long time. I've been at this since 2009. I'm still in a wheelchair. Still dizzy and I still talk like a burnout. You gotta have patience. Remember, patience is a virtue, but all virtues have their limits.

What I said above is my profound thought of the day. My friend here reminded me of that and it's true. Hey, you know what else I did recently? I tried a bike, or a trike. It's pretty cool. I'll go every week and go around a lake. It's great to get outside. Feel the wind in your face. Two therapists will go with me. One guy I know. Hopefully he won't push me into the lake. I used to tease him all the time. We'd be swimming in the pool and I would say, really loud, "Hey! I got your memo. I know I have to learn how to do everything all over again, but I really feel uncomfortable about learning how to make out with you." I guess this is his chance to get back at me.

I was reading back what I had said, reading back the stuff above, but I want to clarify one thing. I am getting better. It's very slow, but I do get better. My eyes are registering. I'm constantly changing, but it's all for the good. So I just wanted to clarify that.

My personal life has been like a roller coaster. Remember, it's important you try to alleviate stress. I don't know how you do it, but I meditate. It seems to help a lot. Not much else to talk … Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you more about April Fools Day. My sister runs a therapeutic Equestrian center. She built it and runs it. She's out of town right now and I was going to call her up and say, "There's some dude outside your house with a horse trailer and a horse. And then he tied up the horse to your house and drove away with the horse trailer. He basically abandoned a horse at your house." After laughing to myself for a while I thought maybe it's not such a good idea that I call her and do this. It seemed funny though. My friend here reminded me it's cruel. Hey, but what do you have a little sister for?! I love her though. I wouldn't do anything cruel…maybe. Check out my other blog. It's stuff about the past. My friend here will include the link. I'll include some photos I did from my trip recently. Have a good week and April Fools everyone. Love, B. Nice