January 28, 2014

3281-05 Hi everybody. So, old Pete died today. Pete Seeger was 94 years old and he passed away this morning. He was a cool guy. He used to come to my grade school all the time and play for us. We also went on his ship, the Clearwater, all the time. It was a lot of fun. He was a good guy. Oh yeah, that reminds me. One time I was at the front of the ship with a friend of mine. We went out on the bow sprint. It's  basically a mast sticking out of the front of the ship. There's a chain from the front of the bow sprint down to the water line. A cable going up to the top of the mast. A few other cables here and there and no security net. There is one now, and I'll explain why now.

You see, my friend and I used to like to sit at the end of the bow sprint. It was pretty mellow sailing cause there were no waves, but one day a boat came by and well, the ship started rocking and rolling and next thing you know, my friend fell off and into the water. Next thing you know, I'm climbing down the chain and I see his one arm holding on to the chain, keeping him from going under the ship. I grab him and next thing you know, another shipmate shows up and we pull him up to safety. Not bad for a nine year old. We were both delegated to the center of the ship and we weren't allowed to go anywhere. Gee, I wonder why. Anyway, now there's a safety net. No one's allowed to go on the bow sprint.

Anyway, it was always great when Pete was there, singing as we were sailing down the Hudson River. Good guy.

Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent there. And remember, this blog is supposed to be about the here and now and the future. I just  couldn't resist telling a story from the past. You know, this traumatic brain injury thing is kind of a drag. I've learned now though I can see better if I close my left eye and look at everything with my right eye. It's kind of like how I do pictures. You see, I look through the camera with my right eye. In the past I would spend weeks looking through the camera with my right eye. So the whole idea isn't so foreign to me. Once again, it's as if the past has gotten me ready for how I am now.

There's been some crazy stuff going on in my personal life. I'll explain more later, but I'll tell you, stress and the common cold can take a lot out of you when you're like this. I feel like telling you a few fashion confessions. Let's go over to my other blog. (Click HERE)