December 28, 2013 - Almost a New Year

10_1_4-05 Happy Almost a New Year everybody. So I went all the way to the west coast, you know, my road trip. I ended up with my cousin in Hermosa Beach on the west coast. We went for a walk on the boardwalk, and someone wrote on the wall, "When you're going forward in life, don't trip on things behind you." I thought that was kind of cool. Then someone wrote a very intellectual word right behind it. They wrote "Fart." Anyway, I like the previous quote better. It's kind of ironic. I felt like I drove all the way across the country just to see that phrase. Not Fart, but the other one.

You know what's kind of cool, my friend here dropped off a dvd of all the images I shot on the trip. The light was so different between the east coast and the west coast. For example, the light on the east coast was very soft and golden. The light on the west coast was very white, contrasty and blue. In between, it was like a combination of the two. It was pretty cool to see.

I'm really excited because my little one will be here soon. I get to see her for a few days. It will be fun. It always lifts my spirits to see her.

You know, the other blog I did (click here) was more about the past. This blog here will be more about the here and the now and the future. For example, I see myself doing more landscapes. I gotta work with what I got. I love photography but I can't see myself being a fashion photographer, so for now, in the near future, I'll do landscapes. Who knows what I'll be doing way down the line. My friend here said maybe I should combine the two. It's a good idea. But for now, I have to stick to landscapes. People can't really understand me. I can see a model looking at me thinking, "What the hell did that guy say? I can't understand him." All the images would be of a person with a head tilted to the side with a curious look on their face. Hey, it could be kind of trendy. It's the "new" pose.

I'll tell you though, I'm getting pretty tired of the way I feel. It's not fun. I feel like hell, and it feels like I've been run over by a truck. Not that I would know what that feels like, but I imagine it doesn't feel good. Physically, for the new year, I feel like I'll be walking with a walker. I've been working hard, but it's so weird when it's so foreign just to stand. I need help just to stand up. Pretty crazy. But it's getting a little easier each time. You know, everyone's different so I've seen different results from different people. But I'll be walking again one day.

That's about all I have to say for this week. The only other thing I can think of is my personal life. I said it before, but my personal life is like a latin soap opera, daytime. It's unreal. Never a dull moment. Hey, it's a character builder.

Anyway, this is B. Nice signing off. I'll talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice