Monday, October 14, 2013 - Hermosa back to Yuma, CA

We spent a couple of great days in Hermosa relaxing and drinking in what we'd done. Lots of people make cross country trips and they are usually special journeys, but when you're like I am, the challenge is pretty unimaginable for the regular person. I know the demands and effort required from this trip has strengthened me in ways routine physical therapy never would have. Gotta credit my mom with a lot of the success. She's so important to me and nobody knows how to keep me alive better than she does. Image

It was kind of kicking and screaming that I got back in the car for the second leg of the trip home. Our new crew arrived Sunday to Hermosa and brought a lot of new energy with them. New adventures lay ahead, and I'm back on the road to see my little one again. Wagons roll!