Tuesday, October 8 - Odessa to El Paso, TX

10_2_1-10 Long drive out of Odessa. Long stretches of nothing far as you could see and oil rigs and windmills. Great for photography. The most memorable thing about Odessa was that we were in an economy hotel where a lot of oil/fracking workers were also staying. We were a little frightened to ask questions. I don't think we had either the right accent or license plates.


Part of the drive across what seemed like desert took us up to 4500 feet. I now know that's my limit. We've been hugging the coast to stay pretty close to sea level, and this was both an experiment and a challenge. I did start to feel weird at the top but it didn't last very long and I was able to recover which was good to find out.



We drove 300 miles before seeing signs of civilization. We missed lunch because along the route was a National Park where we might have stopped, but it was shut down on account of the shut down. Another place along the way was open Wednesday through Sunday. It was Tuesday. We couldn't believe it. Met some bikers from Buffalo, New York! Go figure. We did take a break by the Salt Flats which were really cool. Looking forward to seeing the shots from this day.



Today, our driving will take us to Tucson, AZ. Can't believe it's been 3 days to get across Texas! Stay tuned.