September 27, 2013 - Cape May

2676-13 Hi everybody. Well, we left today for our big road trip. Yesterday was kind of interesting. My mother got me a massage, a nice relaxing massage. In the middle of the massage. The therapist that was giving the massage picked up the phone. It was a reverse 911 call. The call said, "Lock up all your doors and windows. There is a murderer on the loose." Then the house was surrounded by helicopters. My neigbor's dog was barking and my dad ran into the room with a loaded shotgun and said, "Everything is under control." Well, I immediately wanted to pee in my pants. Is this going to be the start of what my trip is going to be like? You can't make this stuff up. Anyway, that was yesterday. They never did catch the guy, so I'm glad we left.

Today was the first day of our road trip. It went real good, but you know, I realize how messed up I am. Doing everyday things is really difficult. But like I said, Life is Therapy, so I carry on.

Anyway, I'll keep these blogs short. We're at Cape May right now, in New Jersey. Tomorrow will be a big day because we catch a ferry, take a bridge. I'll talk to you guys later. This is B. Nice & Team B. Nice signing off. Talk to you tomorrow. Love, B. Nice