September 10, 2013

Brian, by Diane RokaHi everybody. Welcome to another week in Paradise. I said that a little sarcastically. A girl stopped by here at my parent's house and did a portrait of me in pencil form. It was pretty cool. She was another traumatic brain injury survivor. You would never know she used to have traumatic brain injury. The only symptoms are 1. Noise - she can't handle too much noise, and 2. she can't handle too much stimulus. I thought, what a great excuse to not deal with Ex's. Anyway, the results of her drawings are pretty cool. Two of my friends put on a great party this week. It was a good party. I saw some people that I haven't seen in like five years! Hey, guess what! We reached our goal - our budget for the trip! Isn't that cool. We can actually go now. You know I used to fund my projects by doing commercial work, but since I don't do that now I have to rely on grants or other people to help out. I just want to say thanks to everybody.

Going back to the party, it was a wrap up party for the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Those two women organized the party and did a great job. They know who they are, and I thank them again.

Not much else to report. I did some more swimming this week and everyone remarks I'm getting better and better. It's slow, but it's working. I'll keep this blog short like I promised. I'll keep you guys updated next week.

Love, B. Nice