Summer Trees

Summer Trees

Hi everybody. Just a reminder, this blog will be about the present and the future. Specifically, about the future of our trip coming up - and then, the present of the trip!

I met with Adam, who is one of our filmmakers, and Erin. She is our producer. They are amazing. You know, it's funny. You put things out there, and they will happen. For example, I was thinking, "I need a good producer for this trip," and Erin showed up! I was thinking, "I need another good cinematographer," and Adam showed up! And BONUS! They're married! So you see, just put things out there like wishes, and your wishes will come true (except for the lottery...).

I must say, this week has been fairly tough. I mean, it's tough enough putting a job together like this trip, but putting this trip together when you are disabled is really difficult. Luckily I have a good team. They know when to say, "Brian, sit down and shut up. You're fading." Adam, our filmmaker, had a good idea with all the drawings I've been doing for three years. I'm looking forward to the result.

Our fundraising on Indiegogo has been going great. All in all, it seems to be falling into place. I'm gonna change the trip a little bit. I'm gonna hit every Irish bar I can. A friend of mine at the rehabilitation place said I'll never make it out of the first bar. Just kidding.

Anyway, lots of little things need to be done, like, getting the car ready, etc. Oh, one other really great thing that happened was I'm going to be interviewed by the New York Times. That's good PR. And my friend is head of CNN Financial. He's going to help out as well, so things are looking up.

I'll keep this one short. I'll talk to you guys next week. Love, B. Nice