8/20/13 - Hi everybody! I'm here with my friend Julie. Hey, guess what! It was my four year anniversary yesterday. It's been four years since I had my first brain bleed, and I'm going to beat it. I won't give up. Hell. My marriages lasted longer than this. Anyway, I won't give up. It's strange. It all seems to blend together. The years blend together. The months blend together. The days blend together. I guess what I'm saying is, you just live in the moment when you're like this. I guess it's survival. You just live moment to moment. Anyway, that's my profound thought of the week.

You know, this blog will be "the present" - thinking about the future. Right now, the present is all about survival, but the future is getting ready for my big trip. It's gonna be fun. I hope you guys follow along. Anyway, I'm going to keep these blogs short. Thank you for all your support. Love, B. Nice