06-27-13I'm so looking forward to this trip because it is like a break for me. It will be like therapy with new things and unexpected things. I feel stronger when I have a sense of purpose, this trip gives me a sense of purpose. It's hard because I used to let my actions speak louder than my words. By doing something and talking about it later can inspire. I just do what feels right. I guess It would be intuition. Do what makes you happy. When I feel happy, I feel confident and secure. When I feel that way it helps me heal in small ways, but they all add up in the long run.Don't overlook the small things, because they all add up to a big thing later. Recognize the small stuff. Like for example today, I walked from heel to toe instead of toe to heel, thats a big deal! I just listened my Mom screaming at me with love. Love B. Nice