05-04-13What I want to say is there are peaks and valleys. Like one minute your feeling really good and the next minute you feel like hell. When I get really bummed, I think about where I was. I had machines keeping me alive, imagine how much better Ill be in two years. I have been working on my balance. When you are in the car or through out your day, you are using your core, always making slight adjustments. It makes you stronger. Life becomes therapy.

"Being in the moment and paying attention to what is going can be amazing." CM

I went to the eye doctor yesterday, I was not sure how to take this. The doctor handed me a pamphlet for the Lighthouse. It is an agency for the blind. Then he said I do not need to come back anymore, only if it is an emergency. I felt like I had been dumped. I just kind of ignore what they say and continue on. My eyes are getting better, so I do not get it. By their standards, I had plateaued, but my eyes are getting better. Basically when some one tells me I'm not getting better, it puts a fire under my ass to work harder. Everyone's reality is different, and in my reality I am getting better.

Love B Nice