04-02-13I was talking to Brian yesterday on the phone about life. We started sharing how much we enjoyed going to the beach every day just to see what new creation awaited, even though it was the same beach, there was always something new. It could be the light that day, the tide, the rocks that came in or shells, Seaweed bodies, or any number of treasures. It always holds new experiences. We agreed that if you can wake up every morning with that same open heart and mind you go to the beach with, you will see and experience something new in your life even if you are in the same body, home and with the same people everyday. For Brian being able to see himself as the beach always changing even if at first glance it seems to be the same place and body everyday, there is something new and available to embrace and experience.

These picture of the bridge Brian crosses traveling to his rehab at Helen Hayes show how the same is never the same. So embrace your life , there is always magic at hand, be open in your heart , mind and eyes and you will not be disappointed.