Day 1

I am writing this post for Brian. He has been on this life changing journey going on 4 years now. This project is coming to life as he is coming back into himself little by little. The pictures that are posted right now were taken on his drives to rehab, Helen Hayes Hospital every day the first year of this journey. The seasons past and his physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body continue to change. Brian has a very big sense of humor and embraces the child in him with joy. I think his optimism is held up from his joyful child. He likes practical jokes and finds the irony and humor in most situations.

It has been a great lesson in letting go of preconceived ideas of what makes someone heal. Laughter is key for Brian.

We are just starting to fund raise and any help is celebrated. Hope you join in the journey and stay tuned. I am sure Brian will have some humorous and insightful moments to share. We will begin to share more and update as we are fund-raising and preparing for the trip.

Love to hear from you...