March 28, 2018

Hey Happy Birthday Peter! Hey everybody. Welcome to the blog where I talk about the present.

At the present, I'm in bed. I've been feeling kind of tired. Well, I have bronchitis. Never a dull moment.

Man, if I was a cat, I'd be dead right now, right. Don't cats have nine lives? It's all getting to be too much, right? Anyway, persevere. It was interesting. I went to the doctor the other day. I saw a new doctor. She asked me to describe what I have. I told her I have a medical condition cailed bad luck. She said, "Actually, you have a condition called Good Luck, because you're lucky to be alive." Then I started thinking about what she said. She's right. It all depends on how you look at things, you have to stay positive and look at things on the good side.

The bronchitis I've had has made my therapy difficult. I've been very very tired. But you gotta push through it. Look, life can be brutal, but so can we, right? Anyway, I'm gonna leave you with a few photos I've been working on. When things get me down, I turn to my photography.

This is B. Nice signing off. Talk to you next week.

Love, B. Nice

August 23, 2017

3049-15sm Hi you guys. I haven't done a blog in a while. I'm gonna dedicate this blog to my Mom.

They say, one's character is defined by their actions. So check this out. Here's some action for ya: during my first brain bleed and surgery I was in a bad way, but my mom stayed by my side. She helped me through the rough stuff. I was pretty much back to square one. I was like an infant. The only thing that worked on me was my heart. But, she stood by my side. Then a year later, I was sued for divorce. My mom laid down her credit card, went into debt to protect me. She stood by my side. She, my sister and my dad protected me. Then, right after that, I had another brain bleed and brain operation. Mom stood by my side, even though I was brought back to square one again. Then a year later, I had four huge seizures that almost took me out. She stood by my side, even though I was brought back to square one again. Then a year later, I had a huge seizure that almost took me out. She stood by my side, and helped me through it. That last seizure has pretty much left me as I am right now. I'm getting better, and I got better because of her. I wouldn't be where I am now, if it wasn't for her.

She would fly all the way to Texas to pick up my daughter, and she made sure I spent quality time with her. She was my driver, made doctor's appointments, made sure I got the right therapy, made sure I got the right equipment. She cooked for me, and gave me shelter. Whether I was in the ER, the intensive care unit, the hospital or at the rehab hospital, she would always show up at 11 am, with a coffee and a smile. Then dad took over at 5. Pretty cool parents. Basically, I'm forever grateful for what she did. So you see, her actions were pretty cool and her actions made her character a Super Mom.

Hey, you know what other thing I found out is I only cry out of my left eye. How weird is that? I don't feel like blogging any more this week. I'll leave it at that. I wish you guys a great week.

Love, B. Nice